Monday, 13 October 2014

My Worst Mistake

My Worst Mistake

The worst mistake I have ever made is when my cousin and I cracked the window, and then I got into big trouble from my mum and got grounded from playing with my cousin again. I lie to my mum that it wasn’t me, it was my cousin, but she didn’t believe me.

My mum ask my cousin who cracked the window, my cousin said it was both of us, so I got a trouble again for lying, then I told my cousin to come to my room. When my cousin came in I told him “why did he tell on us for’’. He didn’t said anything so I then kicked him and punch him in the the stomach. He started to cry, then my mum came in and said to me what did I do? I told her nothing, then she ask my cousin what happe. My cousin told her that i punch and kicked him in the stomach, so I got a trouble again for lying and for kicking and punching my cousin on the stomach.

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